Keeping your employees happy and motivated is often the key to your business success, but even the happiest, most harmonious workplace is susceptible to periods of demotivation and lethargy. The following 5 tips can help you motivate your employees and get the results you need for your business.

1. Set Goals

Striking a balance between allowing employees freedom to manage their own time and working towards specific, targeted goals is important. Depending on your industry, goals may be clear cut and easily defined, or the parameters may need to be established.
Providing your employees with clear goals enables them to work towards specific achievements, and results in a sense of satisfaction when they are reached.

2. Provide Incentives

Advocated by a wide range of psychological studies, reward systems have been demonstrated to work effectively when it comes to motivating individuals. Providing your staff with incentives and rewards not only gives them something tangible to work towards, but also increases their sense of satisfaction.
Rewards can also be a fantastic way of injecting fun into the workplace – staff days out in particular can help reinforce the bonds between your team, helping to encourage solidarity and strengthen relationships.

3. Give Staff Freedom

Allowing staff a degree of freedom can be invaluable to the team as a whole. By encouraging new ideas and allowing employees to develop and grow, you can help your staff foster a sense of independence and pride in their work.
Staff who are given the freedom to develop their ideas are more likely to feel happy and motivated in the workplace, and this can have a knock on effect for your business.

4. Strike a Work/Life Balance

With the increase in flexible working and the prevalence of on-the-go gadgets, more and more employers are allowing their staff to work out of the office. According to Professor Friedman of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, allowing employees to take breaks to run errands and complete personal tasks can actually be beneficial for productivity.
He argues that enabling your employees to keep a work/life balance with a flexible approach can encourage them to feel happier and more in control.

5. Schedule Breaks

A recent study by The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has shown that one in five employers regularly work through their lunch break, often eating at their desks. The negative effects of inactivity can be both physical and mental, and it is highly recommended that employers ensure their staff are taking regular breaks.
Physical activity has been shown to increase productivity, with more active employees likely to be happier and more motivated in the workplace.
Let us know your thoughts – how do you motivate your employees?

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