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The Secret Agent Who Can Improve Your Email Marketing Results

So you’ve created a splendid email marketing campaign and you’re ready to send, you’ve even crafted a compelling subject line that you’re particularly proud of. But there’s one more crucial factor to consider. Many small businesses fail to acknowledge the impact that the ‘from’ or ‘sender’ name has on their campaign. Along with the ‘subject line’, this is the very first thing your recipient sees and it therefore plays a pivotal role in that split-second decision ‘to open or not to open?’. Nailing your ‘from’ name is crucial.

There are many different factors to consider when choosing your ‘from’ name, getting it right will greatly increase your chances of an open and create a happy reader. Following these simple guidelines will help:

The Do’s:
• Use the company name if the recipient is unlikely to know you personally
• Keep it short and sweet, particularly if your email is likely to be read on a mobile device
• Consistency is key. Above all, once a small business has chosen a strong ‘from’ name, it is important to stick with it and use it as a foundation to build up an effective email marketing campaign. All too often, small businesses chop and change their ‘from’ names in a bid to keep up with the latest marketing techniques, but this can lead to confusion and interested customers marking unknown senders as spam, simply because they do not recognise the name.

The Don’t’s:
• Avoid using a ‘no reply’ email address
• Do not use an email address as your ‘from’ name
• Avoid using just a christian name unless you’re sure the sender will recognise it

A successful ‘from’ name stands out and forms trust. In practical terms, a well-considered ‘from’ name will allow recipients to sort and filter your emails, differentiating them from the rest of the inbox. Over time, it will help to develop your brand identity, enhancing your ability to deliver on your recipient’s expectations and make a consistently positive impact.
If a small business has faith in its offerings and therefore builds a strong email marketing campaign from the ground up, customers will see them as more reliable and therefore more deserving of custom. The value of the ‘from’ name in creating great working relationships with consumers is massively underestimated, but could well be the turning point for future success.

By Astonishemail


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